How to use my voucher

New Customer

Step 1.Enrol into the Program

Vouchers will only be redeemed by the Swim School if you are currently enrolled. Please read the following documents and completed the Enrolment Form. 

Read the following documents:


Step 2.Fill online form

Step 3.Book in and start learning!

We will contact you with information on how to book and start your lessons.

Currently Enrolled

Step 1.Before you begin

Please ensure your voucher/s have been redeemed by the Swim School prior to paying your outstanding fees through the Member Portal. No refunds will be given if you have paid your fees prior to the voucher being applied to your family credit on your Swim School account. 

Please also read the following documents:

Step 2.Submit your voucher/s


Step 3.Confirmation

The Swim School will send you a SMS text confirming your voucher/s have been redeemed. You will then be able to log into the online member portal to pay the remaining outstanding fees on your account.