Member Care Program

Sign-up as a member and receive our Member Care program at no extra charge! 

Our personal trainers will develop a personalised fitness program to suit your needs and provide ongoing support to keep you motivated to achieve your health and fitness goals.

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Member Care Program steps

Step 1.Goal session

Meet with one of our personal trainers for a consultation to discuss your health and fitness goals, review your current activities and develop your personalised exercise program.

Your program can include a range of activities including appropriate group fitness classes or pool sessions to compliment your gym training. 

Session duration: 45 minutes.

Step 2.Program session

Wear your gym gear and bring your towel, because the next step is meeting one of our trainers in the gym to go through your personal program. Our trainer will take you through each exercise, showing you the correct technique and setup, and ensuring you feel comfortable using the gym equipment.

Following this session, you should feel confident to perform your exercise program solo. However, if you get stuck and need to ask a question, our trainers are available and happy to assist.

Session duration: 45 minutes.

Step 3.Personal training session

Meet one of our personal trainers for a comlimentary personal training session to help you reach the next level during your workout. Our trainer will guide you on how to achieve your health and fitness goals with maximum efficiency.

Session duration: 30 minutes.

Step 4.Member check-in

We'll check-in with you to see how you are going with your program, answer any questions you have and arrange your first program review.

Step 5.Program review

Book in a free exercise program review with our team every six-weeks to update your goals and help keep your workout fresh. 

In this session your progress will be checked against the baseline measurements taken in your initial goal session. Our trainer will provide new exercises to help keep your program challenging or alternative exercises if you're having difficulty with particular motions.

Session duration: 45 minutes.


Looking for more support?

Our team is available to help you in the Health Club between program reviews if you have any questions about performing specific or alternative exercises. You can also contact our team via if you're unable to speak to us in person. 

If you would like extra assistance to help reach your health and fitness goals, we offer discounted personal training packs for members. Speak to your trainer or view our personal training pack options online. 

We are currently also offering online personal training sessions via Zoom/Teams for anyone who would prefer to train from home.