Diving boards at pool

Enjoy our 8 lane multi-purpose 25m indoor heated swimming pool which is maintained at 28°C all year round.

The main pool is used for multiple purposes, including lap and leisure swimming, squad programs, aqua aerobics classes and swimming lessons.

The Pool Hall also includes a:

Slide pool:   Used for swimming lessons, recovery sessions and play  
Toddler pool:   Ideal for infants and toddlers 
Turbo pool:   Equipped with benches and air jets 


Lap Lane Swimming Etiquette

  • Before commencing your swim, please choose the lap lane most suitable for your swimming ability and stroke(s). If you are unsure which lap lane to use, please speak with one of our Pool Lifeguards before you enter the pool.
  • Please keep to the left of the lane in a clockwise direction. This is to avoid collisions between swimmers swimming in the other direction
  • If you are requiring to pass a swimmer in your lane, please make sure that it is done in such a manner that it won’t affect other swimmers. Please allow 5 seconds before pushing off the wall allowing sufficient space between you and other swimmers.
  • If you have to move between lanes, please check both directions before moving. Please go under the lane ropes. Please do not sit on lane ropes.
  • Please move to the side of the lap lane to allow other swimmers to continue swimming laps if you are waiting at the end of the pool.
  • Please do not walk in the lap lanes. Walking can be done in the leisure lane provided.
  • There is NO diving permitted on the dive blocks.
  • We encourage all swimmers to please shower before entering the water.
  • Due to COVID restrictions, there will be limited capacity at any one time in the lap lanes.
  • Please check the lap lane availability online prior to visiting the centre. Our general peak periods for lap swimming are:
    • Monday to Friday - between 5:30am -8:30am and 3:30pm - 7:15pm
    • Saturday & Sunday - between 7:00am -12:00pm. 


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