Northbridge Baths

Off Widgiewa Rd, Northbridge

The Northbridge Baths are unsupervised tidal baths set within the stunning Sydney Harbour foreshore. The popular baths boast a sandy beach surrounding and are set within the native bushland of Middle Harbour.

The Baths are equipped with a BBQ, picnic area, change rooms, toilets, hot showers and parking.

Water Quality

Swimmers are advised to use their own discretion before entering the baths, and to visually inspect the water before swimming. Do not swim if the water is discoloured, smells unusual, or has significant amounts of rubbish or plant litter.

Closure of Baths Due to Rainfall

Swimming not recommended during rain and up to 48hrs from cessation of rain.

Contact the Willoughby Leisure Centre directly for enquiries on 9958 5799 or to report equipment damage or maintenance issues phone Willoughby City Council on 9777 1000.