Strength training program for 16 to 25 year olds

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Are you looking to get started with weightlifting, improve your technique, or build your strength? Join our exclusive trial strength training program, starting Tuesday 25 June 2024.

Program highlights

  • Age group: 16 to 25 years old
  • Session frequency: 3 times per week
  • Session length: 60 minutes
  • Group size: Limited spots available in each session.

What you will receive

  • Expert coaching: Benefit from the guidance of experienced personal trainers with over 10 years of knowledge in strength and conditioning coaching.
  • Personalised feedback: Receive tailored advice to improve your technique and maximise your results.
  • Comprehensive workouts: Structured sessions focusing on different muscle groups and overall strength.
  • Supportive environment: Train with peers in a motivating and supportive setting.

Program structure

1. Warm-up (10 minutes)

2. Technique and form instruction (15 minutes)

3. Strength training workout (30 minutes) 

  • Tuesday 11am and 7pm: Upper body
  • Friday 11am and 7pm: Lower body
  • Sunday 11am and 5pm: Full body

4. Cool down and stretching (5 minutes)

Membership requirements

  • Current membership: Participants must hold a current membership or be willing to join.
  • Membership fee: View our membership options and fee.

Important details

  • Bookings are essential: Due to limited spots, booking your place in each session is necessary.
  • Flexible attendance: While attending all sessions will yield the best results, it is not mandatory to attend every session.
  • Program start date: The trial starts on Tuesday 25 June.

How to join

For more information on the trial program, please email

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to kick-start your strength training journey with expert guidance and a well-structured program. Gain strength, improve your technique, and enjoy the benefits of a healthier, stronger you!

Contact us now to take the first step towards achieving your fitness goals!

Additional information

For more information on this offer, please speak with us in person, call us or email us.