Terms & Conditions

Swim School terms and conditions

By enrolling and/or participating in swimming lessons with Willoughby Leisure Centre Swim School, the student, and where the student is under 16 years of age, any parent/guardian of the student agrees to all Swim School terms and conditions. Failure to comply with terms and conditions may result in the individual or group being refused entry to the Centre or being directed to leave immediately.

Conditions of entry

By enrolling in a Swim School program, you agree to adhere to all Willoughby Leisure Centre conditions of entry, and the following conditions:

Supervision and general behaviour

As a condition of enrolment, where a student is under 16 years old, the parent/guardian agrees to:

  1. Remain onsite during swimming lessons.
  2. Not interrupt the lesson once commenced, except in an emergency.
  3. Assist with requests from instructors relating to the student (e.g. toileting, cleaning of nose).
  4. Actively supervise the student prior to the class commencing.
  5. Accept our Behaviour Management Plan.

Make-up lessons

The following conditions apply to the eligibility for and provision of make-up swimming lessons for students. Where a student is under 16 years of age, the listed responsible parent/guardian is required to act on the student’s behalf.

To be eligible for a make-up lesson, a student is required to:

  1. Provide a minimum notice of absence prior to their scheduled lesson start time.
  2. Be currently enrolled in a standard Swim School term at Willoughby Leisure Centre.
  3. Request a make-up lesson in the same standard Swim School term as the noted absence.
  4. Submit a make-up lesson request online.

Where all eligibility conditions are met, a student may receive one (1) make-up lesson per eligible absence, up to a total of three (3) make-up lessons per standard term. Bookings for make-up lessons:

  1. May only be requested for the current week of term.
  2. Are subject to availability. Lack of availability is not a valid reason for partial or full refund.
  3. Are only confirmed once proof of confirmation is sent to the student.
  4. Cannot be rearranged. Failure to attend will result in forfeiting the make-up lesson.
  5. Are not transferrable to another student or term.

Notification of absence forfeits your allocation for the specified class. Please contact the Swim School office if you want to attend your original class after notifying of absence, as another student may be booked into your original timeslot for a make-up lesson.

Changes to classes

Consolidation or alteration of scheduled classes may be necessary. Where changes to scheduled classes occur students or responsible parents/guardians will be notified of changes via SMS

When classes are cancelled due to unforeseen closure, you will be notified via email or SMS.

Credits or refunds

  • Students relocate more than 15 kilometres from the Centre
  • Students experience a significant illness or injury
  • Students are hospitalised
  • An enforced closure of Willoughby Leisure Centre Swim School occurs
  • A written request is to be submitted to Centre management with supporting documentation.
  • Notification of all absences needs to be received prior to the class commencing in the instance of extended illness or injury (4 or more lessons).
  • Supporting documentation is required. Requests will be processed once paperwork is received, from the date of supporting documentation.
  • Absences due to holidays
  • Religious/cultural reasons
  • General illness and/or menstruation

Credits will be valid for 12 months from date of approval. If a credit or request has been approved, the student will be removed from the class. Position in a class cannot be guaranteed when they resume lessons.