Behaviour Management Plan

Our Swimming Instructors are equipped to deal with challenging behaviour and the Swim School has implemented suitable Instructor-to-student ratios to ensure the classes are manageable. All our Instructors are Austswim or Swim Australia qualified and undergo regular training to ensure their skills remain up to date with industry standards.

We do understand that children will be children and at times their behaviour may be disruptive. The Swim School has implemented a set of class rules that are followed by all instructors to maintain class control.

Our instructors and On Deck Supervisors will manage behaviours such as not listening to instructors, excessively going underwater, disrespect towards the teacher or other students, swinging on the platforms or any other unsafe behaviour in the following way:

Children will be given one warning to stop inappropriate behaviour and informed of the consequences of a second warning.

If they receive a second warning, children will be sat on the side of the pool & miss one turn. Then, they will be asked to re-join the lesson and continue to participate.

If the student continues to misbehave, the On Deck Supervisor will intervene and sit the student out for the remainder of the class.

We ask that you please assist us with implementing our student Behaviour Management Plan in our lessons by maintaining a presence on pool deck. In the event of unsafe or disrespectful behaviour, children will be removed from the lesson immediately and sent to their parents/careers.