Adolescent Program

Our Adolescent Learn to Swim classes aim to build confidence in the water, introduce swimming and survival skills, correct technique and build fitness. These levels are for Children aged 8 years and older. 


Adolescent Beginner

  • Step in, back float & recover to wall
  • Unassisted push, glide & kick 5m from seated position
  • Extended push, paddle and kick 5m
  • Push and glide (streamline position) on back 3m
  • Push, glide and kick (streamline position) on back 5m
  • Front paddle kick, roll to back skull and kick 5m 

Adolescent Intermediate

  • Freestyle—breathing on one side
  • Backstroke for 16m
  • Breaststroke Kick  for 16m
  • Dolphin Dives

Level Progression

  • After the completion of the adolescent Intermediate level, students will integrate into the Active program at Active level 4 or depending on the age of the Adolescent they may progress into the Adults Advanced level.