Student Progress Reports

The Swim School conducts regular assessments of every student to ensure they are progressing through our program and to give an indication to instructors and parents on what a child needs to work on to complete the skills within their level. 

The software we use to track our students progress is called Swimdesk by GREENeDESK.

After a student assessment is completed, you will receive an email from GREENeDESK asking you to log into the GREENeDESK parent portal to view your child's progress report.This email will contain your login details. 

Please note: The GREENeDESK parent portal is different to the Willoughby Leisure Centre member portal. The GREENeDESK parent portal will only provide information on your child's progress. All other actions related to managing your booking should be done through the Willoughby Leisure Centre member portal. 

You don't have to wait for an email to check your students progress

Log into Greenedesk 

If you are uncertain about your username or password send the swim school an email.