Notify an Absence

It is important that you mark an absence when you are not able to attend your lesson. Your absence creates a temporary position, which customers can then use to book their make-up lesson. 

Please complete the following steps to mark you absence online. 

Step 1. Log into the Online Member Portal

Member Portal

Step 2. Open Student Bookings

Go to the classes tab on the navigation bar and select student bookings. 

 Student bookings.png

Step 3. Manage the booking

Select the manage button next to the booking you wish to mark the absence of. 

Manage student bookings.png

Step 4. Mark the absence

Click the mark absent button for the date of the lesson you are unable to attend. Please be careful when making your selection as the button will disappear and cannot be undone through the portal. 

Mark absence.png

Step 5. Request a make-up lesson

Complete a make-up lesson request if you wish to book a make-up lesson with in the next seven (7) days. If you are unable to complete the make-up lesson within seven (7) days you can complete the request at a different time during the term. 

Our preferred method of marking an absence is through the online portal. If you are having any difficulty marking your absence online, please contact the Swim School via phone or email.