Make-Up Lessons

Before we begin

A student may receive one (1) make-up lesson per eligible absence, up to a maximum of three (3) make-up lessons per term.

To be eligible for a make-up lesson, a student is required to:

  • Notify the Swim School of the absence prior to the scheduled lesson start time.

    How do notify my absence?

  • Request a make-up lesson in the same Swim School term as the noted absence. i.e make-up lessons will not be rolled over to the following term

Make-up lessons Requests:

  • Are subject to availability. Lack of availability is not a valid reason for partial or full refund.
  • May be requested up to 7 days in advance and at any stage during the current term.
  • Requests will be actioned within the Monday to Sunday period and you will receive confirmation via email once the make-lesson is booked. Requests will be rejected if the eligibility conditions are not met.

Once a make-up lesson is booked and confirmed it cannot be rearranged. Failure to attend will result in forfeiting the make-up lesson.

Please note: Notification of absence forfeits your position in the specified class. Please contact the Swim School office if you want to attend your original class after notifying the absence, as another student may be booked into your original timeslot for a make-up lesson.

Request a make-up lesson here

Make-up lessons requests can also be made through the online member portal.

Watch a video on how to complete the make-up lesson request through the member portal.