How to Re-enrol


The Swim School will roll your booking into the following term during week 8 and 9 of the current term. For important dates check out the Swim School Calendar

Once the Swim School has rolled your booking over you will be sent an email advising you that the re-enrolment process has commenced and how to secure your booking for the following term.

Note: to secure your booking for the following term payment must be completed within this window.

What class am I re-enrolled into?

You are re-enrolled into the same day, time and class that you are currently booked into for the following term.


How do I change my booking for next term?

Changes for following term bookings can be made from Tuesday of week 10. 

What if I have an Active Kids or First Lap voucher I want to use?

I have credit on my account, how do I use this?

When completing the payment for your booking you will need to apply available family credit to the total fees.


Make a payment

1. Log into member portal

Member portal

2. Login Screen

Enter your email address and password and select "Login".

Screenshot of login page.png

3. Follow the prompts on the home page

Select the banner on the home page stating you have $XXX.XX outstanding. Click here to pay.

Outstanding payment.png

4. Confirm class details and enter payment details

Completing payment from outstanding payment.png An email will be sent to you confirming payment and booking.