Book a casual shooting session (basketball)



Step 2.Log in to the Member Portal

New to Willoughby Lesiure Centre? Become a member or create a new customer profile to book.

Step 3.Make a booking

Go to "Book online" in the navigation bar and select ‘’Casual shooting (basketball)"

Navigate to the date you wish to book then select "book" against your desired session. 

The confirmation screen will show details of your booking. Select ‘Book now’ and follow the prompts to confirm.

Please note: Session bookings open 7 days prior to each session time for members and 24 hours prior for non-members/casual attendees. If the 'Book' button is orange, desired session is not yet available. Please check back at the specified time.

Step 4.Confirmation

You’ll receive a booking confirmation email.

In person / Phone

Step 2.Visit or call us

Speak to our customer service team either over the phone or in person to book a casual shooting session.

Please have the following details ready:

  • Member/attendee name
  • Booking time and date

Note: Non-members, aquatic only members and casual attendees will be required to pay casual shooting fee at time of booking.