Spa Terms and Conditions

  • All persons using the spa do so at their own risk
  • Usage of the spa is restricted to persons 16 years and over
  • For safety reasons please use the hand rail provided for entry and exit of spa
  • Do not put your head under the water
  • Persons with the following conditions are not advised to use the spa
    • Heart conditions / High blood pressure
    • Pregnancy
    • Under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication
  • Spa usage is not included in normal admission – an additional fee is payable
  • Spa is checked at regular intervals. If you have not booked, you will be asked to leave the spa area.
  • Please shower before entering spa
  • No footwear to be worn in spa
  • Essential oils are strictly prohibited in the spa, as it affects the pool water quality
  • No food or drinks allowed in the spa
  • Please follow all directions from staff in spa area. Failure to comply will result in being asked to leave the centre.
  • Please refrain from changing in the spa area. Please use change rooms provided
  • Scrubbing loafers or any personal brushes are not permitted in spa area.
  • No shaving is allowed in the spa area
  • No mobile phones are to be taken or used in spa
  • During hot days, please ensure you drink plenty of water
  • The spa area is a quiet place, please be mindful of others

If you are unsure of the conditions of entry, please speak with the pool lifeguards.